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Case Studies - Social Media

Koala IAC

Koala IAC is an international education consultancy that assists students from the East African region to make the right choice when considering their international education opportunities.

Being a representative of top Australian Universities and Colleges, the company owner wanted to encourage Kenyan students to join Australian Universities and colleges.

We established accessible platform where interested students can converse and share information relating to your higher education. We have placed Facebook at the heart of the online communication—generating interactive content and creating a series of fan pages that allows interested students wishing to pursue their higher education in Australia to share and review information related to Australian Education. We also do Facebook advertisements so as the content to reach a wide audience.

There is increase in number of Kenyan students contacting Koala IAC about their interest to study in Australia. Currently we have 100% action on the page and 80% post engagement.

Acharya Travel Agencies

Acharya Travel Agencies is one of the leading travel management companies in Kenya. Clients range from small and medium sized firms to local and international corporate entities.

The client wanted to position as the best travel agency in Kenya and to increase online sales. They also wanted to drive traffic to their website.

We created Facebook page, Twitter and Google plus page where we post interactive content, offers, promotions and other relevant information related to tours and travels. We have incorporated Facebook advertisement which ensures content reach a wide audience. This has helped Acharya travel agency to increase online presence.

Widespread of photos, offers and content online has helped Acharya Travel agencies to increase web presence. This has resulted to increase in number of people booking online and inquiring about different travel destinations. There is also increase in number of people visiting Acharya Travel websites.

Susan Rodrigues Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a global business that helps people reach their full potential in youthful looks, in healthy living, in embracing life.

Susan wanted to encourage people specifically Kenyans to come and join Jeunesse Global. She had a website but people were still not signing up.

Our refreshingly open and honest approach to targeted audience was truly embraced and resulted in an overwhelmingly positive response to Jeunesse Global experience. The Interactive content, testimonies and products of Jeunesse Global that we shared widely across the internet made many people to start talking about Jeunesse Global. Her business increases online presence within two months.

There was increase in number of people interested in join Jeunesse Global. We experienced 100%-page engagement and increase in number of people sharing and commenting on our posts. The number of website clicks also increased.

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