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Did you know that 38% of visitors will leave a site if the design isn’t appealing? Web design refers to the appearance and layout of a website that a user interacts with.

Front-end developers are best equipped to deal with this Graphical User Interface. The whole user experience majorly relies on a good website design. Designs that are simple and minimal work best, as they say, less is more.

These are the reasons why you need to insist on getting a good design from a developer.

Why Good Web design is a must for your Business

Search Engine Optimization Ranking

Website design also includes how you publish your content on the website. Following basic publishing rules like having a Keyword and easy-to-read text go a long way in making a website SEO friendly.

Sites that follow these SEO publishing rules generally rank hire. This is because Search Engine Bots mimic the user experience while ranking sites.

If several visitors leave a few seconds later due to say unfriendly text layout, the bots lower the website’s ranking.

Search Engine Bots work like good friends who refer other friends (second batch) to certain places based on the experience that they’ve observed from the first batch of friends who visited the place.

This also makes it easier for web crawlers to access your website faster and index it favorably.

Leaves a Good First Impression

Web Design will always be a make or break. We honestly won’t get tired of repeating this. Websites determine what opinion a client makes of you. When a client gets to know about a certain business, they always head on to Google the name first to know more.

What happens when they get there determines whether they will want to continue doing business with you.

Imagine a scenario where a client gets to the website and has to wait for ages for pages to load. They will automatically leave to get back to the search results where they click on a competitor’s site.

A good design makes a visitor feel that they are dealing with a professional and trustworthy business. You have to be careful with the web design since it has a major effect on your brand’s credibility.

Aids in Customer Relations

Let’s be honest, everybody claims they are customer-oriented and give priority to customer service. Well, that might not always be true and smart clients can tell. Clients don’t want you to say it, they need you to prove it. This is what really sets you apart from a hundred other competitors.

To build trust you’ve got to show that you are making strides in ensuring the client has the best customer experience. Having a Website is the first step.

Would you prefer a client drive for over an hour to your store for an issue that could have been resolved online within minutes? Now that you already have a website, it’s time to give the client warm hospitality.

Why Poor Design Portarays Bad Customer Relations.

Having poor website design like difficult to access, cluttered information is similar to having no ramps in your store to aid in mobility for those with wheelchairs.

It shows that you don’t care that much about the customer experience and hence care little about providing solutions. Your site is the first customer care agent clients interact with. How it serves them determines if the client will make a purchase.

These are the major reasons why you should really consider getting your web design right by choosing an experienced, customer-centric developer like Ace Solution Africa. We pride ourselves in being part of the success stories of our business partners and clients.


Written by Mutari