Website Design

After Commerce based businesses, NGOs are next in line among organizations that really need a website. An NGO website design is a crucial element of the establishment. There are a couple of reasons why a non-governmental organization should consider having a website.

Top Reasons why an NGO Website Design is needed

Creates Legitimacy

Just like any other organization, an NGO needs to create credibility. There’s no better way to do that than to have a website. You create legitimacy for your organization by having an easily accessible portal of your events and projects. This is especially important if you would like to apply for donor aid, tenders, and any other partnership. It gives the impression of an organization that is here to stay and not another fraudulent scheme.

A feel of Professionalism

Well, a good website will not only help you create credibility but also give a sense of seriousness. These are the small factors that determine whether you get a tender or not. It boils down to these minor details at times when two NGOs are tied in a sponsorship battle. The donor will look at how professional your organization is portrayed.

 This shows that you can organize your information in an easily accessible manner and also gives a feel of official business. In as much as an NGO is not an official business, donors need to feel that their funds are well put into use. You want to handle funds as a business as much as you are a charity.

Transparency and Openness

This is perhaps one of the most important reasons to get NGO Website Design. It ensures that you are seen as transparent in the way you carry out your activities. Sections like activities and events will help you showcase the most important annual or monthly charity events.

You can even share your whole monthly program for that particular month as a way of including the community. This helps people feel free to participate in your programs since they have a schedule about the date and venue of your events.

Easy Communication

With an NGO Website Design, you are able to channel all official communication. This is best done on a blog page dedicated to communications. You can regularly update it with the most recent info that is meant for the general public, members, staff, or even partners and donors.

Most non-governmental organizations are made are created for creating awareness and generally sparking certain conversations that influence change in society. A blog page will be very useful to regularly engage readers on certain matters.

Online Sign-Ups

Onboarding new members, registration for members and donors, or for certain events can be made easy. With the use of online forms, a user is able to register for a certain event from the comfort of their internet-enabled device. In fact, a large number of people can access the same form within a short period of time.

Unlike paper forms, online forms are much easier to fill and have a lower risk of wrong user data collection. The parameters set on the website code enable the form to decline data entered that does not meet certain criteria. Online forms are also easier to share on other digital marketing tools like social media.


This is why an NGO Website Design is strongly recommended for any Non-Governmental organization. Visit us today and get a customized website for your NGO that is designed to integrate attractive design, user-friendly interface, and unparalleled functionality.


Written by Mutari