Website Developer

We hear it every day, our emails are filled with promotional offers asking us to get these services. But honestly, what does a business stand to gain in having a website? Well, we hope this helps to answer that question. Here’s why you should consider getting a website for your business and most importantly, at a trusted web design company in Nairobi.

First things first, here’s how the online landscape looks in Kenya. According to a recent study by DATA REPORTAL, an impressive 21 million-plus Kenyans use the internet. A 2020 MasterCard Survey shows that 79 % more Kenyans use the internet to shop for products since the pandemic started.

Google is the number one search engine in Kenya with over 90% of the market share. Young millennials who are the highest number of online shoppers google just about anything and everything.

They are an informed and tech-savvy generation who do research before purchase. From where to buy the latest PS5 Game Consul to the best University to study in, the internet is their first stop for inquiries.


This is where having a website comes in. Your business is almost as good as nonexistent if you lack an online presence. Visibility is key if you really want to stand out from the competition.

There can be five stores lined up on Luthuli Avenue, selling the same electronic products at competitive prices. The business that choses to invest their online presence will diversify its market reach.

So many businessmen admit that most of their customers found out about them by searching on the internet or on online market places. Interestingly, we also know that at some point in time you’ve also looked up for Best Web Design Company in Nairobi. Take your business to them.

Do I really need a Website from a web design company if I am already meeting sales Targets?

Okay, so your business is doing well even without a website. You are meeting targets but honestly, there’s a whole other aspect of having a website that you are missing. Websites are not only used to drive sales.

Have 24/7 Presence

It’s very costly to run your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means having a robust team of employees who can cover day and night shifts. This results to double wage expenses, double electricity and other operational costs. It’s not practical for Small businesses.

On the other hand you stand to have increased returns if you can run for longer. Having a website for E Commerce means clients can make purchases even when your physical doors close. Through integrated features like Automated ChatBots, clients can get feedback on queries.

Saves Time

Most of the work a business owner does in a day consist of talking to potential customers. With a website, you can save time on answering common inquiries by publishing information on the FAQ segment. This contains answers to most of the frequently asked questions. Clients can get their questions sorted in no time with this info.

 Through online forms, you can also get the important client details you need to make a successful pitch. Pop up messages can also request for client information and direct them to post their query by providing multiple options which lists categories of problems.

Narrowing down to specific problems helps you save on time. Reading long emails about a simple query whose solution is listed on the FAQ section isn’t the most fun thing to do.

Building Credibility

It’s one of the best ways to let your customers know that you are a legit business. A website screams professionalism and legitimacy, it’s the first contact between consumers and the organization. Think about that potential customer in Mombasa who wants to know what you can offer without traveling all the way to Nairobi. A website is an online portfolio of your work which gives you the opportunity to put your best foot forward.

There are so many reasons why you need to get a website, these should help you make an informed decision. At Ace Solution Africa, we listen to your needs as a business and come up with tailor made solutions that will get you results.  We are a leading web design company in Nairobi with a high customer satisfaction rate. Contact us today and see the transformation.


Written by Mutari Diawara