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Discover the Magic of a website

Website lessons from Amko Safaris

Every time web design is mentioned designers think about website speed, the aesthetic nature, and interactivity. As a result, they set up very nice looking websites, which are fast but if such website cannot meet the needs and objectives of the business. It is useless. It is like putting a nice gold ring on a… Read more »



A business without SEO is like a man winking at a beautiful girl from a dark corner of a club. He will never get her. An entrepreneur that expects to tap online business must look for better to boost traffic, increase returns on investment and conversion rates. Social media marketing and search engine optimization is… Read more »



Facebook plans to incorporate adverts in the middle of its videos. This is a bold and calculated step that each business person needs to pay close attention to. It will work. The way a business packages its message is very important for the audience. Just because social media is a place to socialize and discuss… Read more »

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Discover latest News about SEO local search for the month of January 2017

Staying on top of what’s happening in your field can help to keep you a head of the curve. Technology is ever-changing and staying up to date isn’t easy, however it’s prudent to make an effort of catching up with the new trends. Below are the changes to expect this month of January 2017:  Mobile… Read more »


Stay In the Know

The festive season is here again! But have you examined your business marketing strategies to ensure you reap the most this season? It is an undisputable fact that technology is ever-changing and has made impact on digital marketing. You must stay relevant in this online marketing game! This advancements has made the future of digital… Read more »

Reliable SEO Services

SEO Myths Debunked

In this world of technology everything is changing. Relying on your past success and you will be left in the dust. Just like Mobile phones, computers and websites, search engine optimization is also evolving in order to deliver better search results. SEO experts are being forced to get rid of common myth about SEO and… Read more »

BUSTED - 7 myths about Website Design

BUSTED – 7 myths about Website Design

In this digital age, owning a website for your business is a necessity not an option. Currently, many business transactions are done online. If you have a business and don’t have a website, you are losing out on great opportunities for your business. However, there are common misconceptions many people have when considering to have… Read more »

responsive website design in nairobi

Responsive website designing in Nairobi

At this this time and age you expect everybody to know the importance of a business having a website. You will be surprised with the number of small business that don’t have a website. If your business doesn’t have a website then it is missing out one of the most powerful marketing tool. A website… Read more »

Discover the leading website design company in kenya

Discover the leading website designing company in Kenya

Ace Solution Africa is one of the outstanding web designing company in Kenya offering various web based services such as social media optimization, website designing. Pay per click, search engine optimization among others. Our experienced team keep themselves up-to-date in the most advanced and latest technical skills currently in use in order to design a… Read more »

Strategic approach to social media marketing

Strategic approach to social media marketing

Social media optimization is basically using social media as a facilitator to grow your business online presence. It is not about setting up a Twitter handle, Facebook Page because a nice thing to do,SMO is about strategically  creating social media plan in order to connect with your target audience. A well planned SMO campaign will… Read more »

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    Increase your sales through internet marketing

    Internet marketing is simply marketing efforts done only over the internet. It involves the use of various online advertisements to drive traffic to an advertiser’s website. Targeted email, pay per click (PPC) are some of the methods often used in internet marketing. Below are some ways in which internet marketing can help you earn a… Read more »

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    Importance of a website for your business

    In this modern era, if you don’t have a website for your company then it’s almost as if your business doesn’t exist. Information is very critical in business field, normally people visit a website to find more information about a particular company. Your website should contain information about what you can offer your customers. For… Read more »